The elucidation of raw beauty; Alexander McQueen

‘When I’m dead and gone, people will know that the twenty-first century was started by Alexander McQueen.’

Alexander McQueen naturally coupled the dualistic nature of the world’s savagery and beauty, encapsulating the thrill of life through fashion and design. Appreciating the truth behind our relationship with this seemingly aesthetic property and our desire for darkness makes his work chill the spine, blow the mind and at times even bring a tear to the eye, for so much beauty to reside in one man’s mind…

The exhibit really expressed how much more is involved in creating true beauty.

‘Give me time, and I’ll give you a revolution.’

Beauty is more than the aesthetic, it is a value. Perceiving real beauty and recreating it in a truly creative form takes strength, courage and a little shady aspect of the mind. Beauty is completely subjective, it is different for all of us in both its aims and our perceptions. Yet real beauty, the kind that knocks you off your seat, makes your head turn 180 degrees and gives you chills of excitement comes from somewhere within. Have you watched somebody who is both mentally and physically strong walk into a room? Their presence is alluring, dispensing a form of beauty that is hard to place a finger on. It is overwhelmingly present and there is often no question of its desirability. That is the kind of beauty that McQueen created, it does not simply come from aesthetics, it comes from a fearless attitude. Having written about creativity recently, the main thread being concerned with individuality, determination and strength making for a truly creative life path, the message rings ever so true. McQueen was so strong in his convictions and taste that no one could stop him and the result is the most powerfully dominating, yet sublimely feminine form of beauty.



IMG_1347 IMG_1345



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