A love affair with bespoke

Beauty & Bespoke

We can all appreciate the beauty and fine craftsmanship of something that is superbly made. Being inspired by design and invigorated by the sensual contact of finely selected materials brings us closer to nature, the ultimate grand designer. The delicate touch of an Egyptian cotton sheet brushing your cheek before you rise out of bed, the gentle taste of Kopi Luwak and the sight of the Lavender Fields in Southern France all share a common aspiration, to awaken our senses to a simplistic awareness of earthly wonder.


Having embarked upon a project that requires an increase in awareness of the wealthiest selection of choice; this has required a deeper understanding of the reasons why we are all so overwhelmed by beauty. There are different forms of beauty, for example natural beauty such as the Niagara Falls, architectural beauty designed by us, mere mortals, such as Aidan Darlings Contemplative Centre and spectacular items of luxury fashion such as the captivating Chanel dress below, and the astronomically inspired coffee table by Based Upon. 

Both the Chanel dress to the left and the table, created by a bespoke furniture company below are crafted to perfection. Every curve, angle and millimeter of material has been carefully considered. The effect is sheer elegance; the peripheral textures and shapes invite you to touch each item, igniting a tactile relationship through imagination alone. As the model sways the material of the dress sashays gracefully, whilst the multidimensional feature of the sequins creates a pleasing contrast in texture. When we see things that encompass this level of explorative creativity they take us back to our childhood, to a time when all we longed to do was draw the world in through our senses. Can you remember touching every wall and flower as you walked to school as a child, or falling asleep in a guardians arm with their softly knitted jumper swathing you?

Image 4.jpg

These are the things we remember when we see a beautifully made piece of clothing, or a finely crafted piece of furniture inspired by nature. The coffee table resembles a precious stone, the jetting angles suggest it has been excavated from the earth and the resin top suggests the quantum energy of the solar system all being held within its surface. A visual reference to nature as great as this one suggests a natural, progressive momentum that satisfies our very core. So when opting for something bespoke one isn’t simply buying into status or snobbery they are, in fact, investing in excellence that precedes our normal expectations of daily wonder, taking one back to times of deep nostalgic satisfaction and an appreciation of the greatest natural beauties in this world.


By Hollie Bhol

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