Bare real emotion and thought, honestly, everyday. Yes. Breathe.

I’ve spent the last few months tentatively and tenaciously practicing yoga in order to connect with the self, once more, after a dissipated stream of summers that involved adrenalised fun and sauntering shenanigans that left this body depleted and out of sync. Before you scoff at such little time and effort, I am talking about one to three hours a day and daily meditation! I guess you can have too much of a good thing, at times I have pushed my body to the point where downward dog became dead wood dog. A life that is a little too high octane, laced with toxically sublime and invigorating fun, even when feeling great (by today’s standards) can mean we simply forget to check in with our real selves and do the grounding work necessary  to know what we truly want and need.

I want to start to note down recent experiences and those that one may encounter on any sort of path of awareness that’s totally void of ego constructions, fomo, bad food and devastatingly delicious beer that one can’t stop drinking until the keg is dry (of which I can barely manage one pint now?!) To guide, share and appreciate those personal journeys that create so much space for happiness and gratitude, by liberating us from the binds of the daily grind and any feelings of anxiety and vulnerability. I’ll never go back to old ways. I was quite well behaved, I’d do six months off and six months on having too much fun. I always relished being indoors and solitude, so it’s not been a hard transition. But this is it, developing a higher consciousness the natural way, is the only way.

I spent years trying to figure out the roots of internally conflicting desires, which eventually lead me, like many others in this day and age, to the path of yoga and meditative awareness. Awareness of the self stripped bare of the ego for whatever amount of time I can persist through meditative thoughts, before being distracted.  I am a little scared of openly committing to a new and better lifestyle. Yet, let’s face it it’s pretty plain and simple, BLISSFUL awareness has no space for fear, no eagerness to please, it is in line and in tune with what is going on all around to the extent that it does not pause to doubt and when it does, it is kindly reminded that it is simply, for a small blip in time, falling into a state of non-awareness. So bring it on. 

I think we just need to go and do what we’ve got to do, without overthinking sometimes, whatever that may be. However small, creative, simple as long as it resonates with our true desires. If only I had known, all those years ago, that that connection could bring all manner of heartfelt rewards without the high cost of my well being. When connected with source we have a clearer knowledge of what we want, that which can fulfill us and keep us balanced.


I feel like before any of us even attempt to gain or create in this world, it’s important to become aware that we are not ‘meant’ to have done a single thing in our lifetime. Seriously. Not. One. Thing. We are not supposed to have ran a marathon, had children, achieved the status of a 40,000 + a year job or swam the English Channel. To those who have, hats off to you! Seriously, go you. It is commendable behaviour. However, intrinsically, we are simply meant to be, to breathe and to exist solely as we are.

That sort of statement can cause a whole brigade of disagreement about those who are committing crimes or those with psychological difficulties that may disable them to function on what we perceive to be a ‘normal’ level. But let’s say, for arguments sake, that if any of those people should have crossed this article that clearly states its intentions to steer one towards awareness and self discovery, towards enlightenment, that they are in tune with a higher level of processing on some level and if they are not or they haven’t looked at it, well maybe don’t go and directly deliver the message to them. This message is for anyone who wants to self-reflect in a way that states how am I affecting the world. How is the world influencing me?

Do I feel connected to it, fully and honestly every day. As soon as we focus on the infinite capabilities we have to connect with it at all times, the world seems calmer, happier and more abundant, we feel as though we have less ‘needs’ to meet. I believe that level of appreciation starts with absolute simplicity, creating gratitude in the simplest of acts and tasks.

The first thing I needed to do to start this journey and create awareness, was to simply breathe. So enjoy your breath, feel the cold flow upon your upper lip seep through your nostrils or mouth and hit the back of your throat. Feel it enter your body, fill it up, envisage it travelling all around your body to the tips of your fingers and the end of your toes, to the top of your head and then return to the lungs and release that warm breath with ease. That, for all intents and purposes, is what you are on this Earth to do.