Soundscapes and floral fess points


A friend recently began to open up his working studio space, for spiritual shindigs. As soon as you enter it you are dowsed in calming energy and it’s really just so authentic and delicately balanced that it is one of those places you sort of want to dwell in…all of the time. I just attended a soundscape workshop there this evening. It was a full moon, candlelight affair at the end of which, a friend passed me the beautiful orange rose you can see in the photo. I strolled along the grey, stained streets with it held just beneath my nostrils, the entire way home. It turned a grey,strip lit jaunt into a heavenly stroll and felt like my armour, the centre of my aura shield. People watched me having a sniff of it and sort of looked on, admiringly, mentally clocking that smelling roses is a delightful activity. This evening we explored sounds that were relatively unknown, yet sounded remarkably familiar as they resonated with every cell in our bodies, unlocking energy pathways and re attuned each part of us with various vibrations that exist within us all of the time, yet often go unnoticed. This was all accompanied by cacao and rose water, sublime visuals and scents. I came away from that workshop feeling incredibly lifted, well and centred.

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I’ve been thinking about wellbeing recently, ways to acquire the most out of it and reach higher levels of it. Wellbeing has been carefully, conceptually packaged in modern times to resemble an amalgam of goji-berries or quinoa and general health and fitness, all of which actually mask a great deal more. The word ‘eudaimonia’, Greek for ‘happiness’ or ‘welfare’, may seem like a simplistic achievement. However, these two states are actually complex aspirations that involve both objective and subjective factors that work together to encapsulate a state of being ‘well’, or better than average, or even ecstatically fantastic depending on who you are.

Let’s take the last statement a little less seriously, as it is shown that those who are ecstatic tend to veer on the side of optional and slight delusion, which is by no means a criticism as a little allusion has been known to aid further happiness and a more positive manner, however it is fair to acknowledge that anything that appears too great, most probably is. Most likely, the state of being well takes careful consideration, approximation and the consistent execution of practical wisdom in order to maintain a more hearty, yet finely balanced state of life. Therefore, the energy that one might put into the feeling of ecstasy would soon drain resources that are much needed for all of those tasks.

The class this evening was special because of the way that everyone in the room connected with one another and with the teacher. It was led by somebody who was incredibly in tune with ancient traditions, who could convey them in an honest and simplistic, symbolic form and do so with absolute humbleness. When a guide can present themselves so inclusively and make the unknown that approachable, real magic happens. I get a similar vibe from a yoga teacher too. That sort of knowledge, when passed on in such a way is all encompassing, it changes internal dynamics and reminds us of our true connection to source. When looking at the things involved with attaining higher levels of wellbeing on a deeper and more characteristic level, the various elements involved include kindness, virtue, and compassion, positive and fulfilling relations with others and the knowledge and application of ancient wisdom. Real mentors will always allow us to access that knowledge, which is inherently within each of us and reconnect with it. As we relate to others from our hearts and authentic selves, we grow and we become even more aware of our surroundings and our physical selves as we are more present and are able to work out how to use our environments for the better, which can further enhance a sense of wellbeing.

I read a great journal article recently where someone discussed the element of virtue and how great its influence is upon wellbeing. This turned out to be a bit of a thinker, as it assumes that those who are virtuous may follow a set pattern of thoughts and behaviours and of course even the most virtuous of individual’s slip and slide, deviating towards a little devilment at times. Contradiction, I was once told, is the natural state of creative intelligence, so to some extent when our behaviour doesn’t always match our predetermined beliefs, this can be a sign of good things! Yet, like most things this also needs to be monitored and measured to keep a baseline of stability in place.

So if wellbeing requires all of these various elements of ‘goodness’ that come together to create a serene balance of stable and fulfilling living, goji berries are quite literally the decoration on the top of the cake. They appear more of a symbolic gesture of slightly refined thought that may assume the embrace of a better way of life. It is said that there is a current movement, an awakening of many individuals towards a better way of life where we can all aspire to gain more insight into ourselves and view the world with greater sensitivity, kindness and an aspiration to change for the better, I think this unpacking of true wellbeing may be a helpful line of thinking. Especially for those who struggle with feeling displaced, be that because of holding on to earthly treasures, not defining personal character through really inherent means, or being apart from people that we care about, family, lovers or friends. Tonights soundscape journey showed me a deeper and natural way to reconnect, entirely independently, on the most sublimely, subtle and intimate level.

Oh and that single, recycled rose that came from a wedding, yesterday, has made me one of the happiest fillies in the land.

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