The crystal amazement of the human body


I have recently began room-hunting in London and may have to do the very grown up thing of moving down south. It is down right near-impossible to secure a place in North London! Each and every viewing feels like an episode of Take Me Out. Whereby one may enter the front door and loose a light, or get to the kitchen table, pull up a chair and sit down only to lose a few more lights. Heck I even got to sip on a glass of the mighty rouge  (red wine) and eat homemade soup and still lost lights!

Turns out it’s gorgeous down south in the leafy suburbs and I’ve been missing out, big time, and fortunately came across a wonderful yoga therapist on these house-hunting jaunts. At the age of 63, this lady looks around 40 and lives life to the max, both therapeutically and holistically. She can also party like there’s no tomorrow on occasion, booze free.

This ladies secrets are reishi mushrooms and the most incredibly complex water filtering system a house can implement along, no doubt, with a few others. She introduced me to the notion that our bodies contain tiny, little crystals in our DNA.



Each DNA structure is made up of four nitrogen compounds and contains a lattice-like structure that resembles…you guessed it…a minuscule crystal. I am always drawn to them and usually purchase on instinct, rather than research, which seems to work really well. It’s amazing how accurate instinct can be, after collecting several I return home, do a little scout online and find they were just what the (holistic) doc ordered.

Currently wearing the smallest piece of moldavite in a locket around my neck, having been advised by a clever friend to invest in purchasing, as that stone is one of the most exciting. It literally elevates consciousness so it’s helpful to be self-aware and aware of what direction you are heading in, for it to be effective. It appears it is not simply codswallop to interact with these things and sense their vibrations as they do, in fact, interact with the very compounds that decide our entire biological make-up.

Image 3.jpg

I use crystals to balance the impact of being surrounded by screens at work all day and bring a little more clarity into life, heart and mind. Above is a shelf near my bed hosting agate (injected with colour, which doesn’t take away from it’s efficacy), rainbow fluorite, rose quartz, amethyst and selenite. Fluorite and rose quartz are a magical combination, as fluorite is great for creativity and rose quartz is a powerful self healing love stone that can calm the inner critic, which is essential for creatives.

Tigers eye is also a good stone for protection,combining it with stones for wealth and love is helpful. I combine them as find that these elements of life I require a little more security and balance. Everyone requires their own unique combination, I have combo’s for lots of things and currently own ten ( and counting) as ever-so-slightly obsessed with their beauty and impact, and as soon as I land my eye on one and hold it, feeling it’s effect, it has to go home with me! Those along with essential oils are the greatest in domestic luxuries. Granny taught me well.

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