From substance to serenity

When one steps away from the precipice of uncertainty, one finds true worth in oneself, in every other, in everything…

I think it’s a daily challenge to feel certain and secure of our place in the world – especially with the distinct lack of inclusiveness that seems to be a theme in the mainstream at present. We’ve lost how many amazing musicians and celebrities? As a country we have renounced ourselves as needing any allegiances, whilst announcing ourselves as royal freaking Britannia many years after colonialism and now Trump’s in power. I felt the entire world shake this week and watched several close people go through things and then get themselves together again and had a hard week myself.

Yet, simultaneously I noticed that uncertainty encourages a sense of fear that allows for an extra-tight analysis of our strengths and weaknesses, of all we hide beneath the surface of our apparent disposition and stance. It is very easy to appear confident, yet, that confidence doesn’t really blossom until something goes wrong. Uncertainty shows us how to work towards building a stronger foundation, by highlighting areas of need and without it, certainty would hold no unshakeable ground. Without knowing one we could not know the deep comfort of the other. Allowing fear to transform into certainty is how we fine tune our substance into serenity.

The theme of this week is finding comfort by making time for the things which are most important, whilst working towards keeping people, ambitions and all that is dear, close and near!