Amidst a concrete haven filled with less than fastidious food markets, abstract art installations and ass-jacking sound systems, lies the tranquil and serene urban retreat – Yogarise.

 Having visited numerous clubs and experienced their open spaces, vampish selections of organic lathers, haute equipment and swanky changing rooms – this place offers the best of the basics, whilst centering all focus on the each members experience. It hosts a diverse range of ever-evolving, curative teachers, incredibly friendly staff and with it’s capaciously laid out mats and views of the skyline through murky, off-colour leaded warehouse windows, it turned out to be unexpectedly impressive.

yogarise 2.jpg

When I first met one of the most illuminating teachers there, ten minutes after walking into her class I walked straight back out again. I couldn’t take Erin’s ferocity. After a little talking to I was back in the room, and ten minutes later hook-line-and-sinkered – Erin’s number one fan.

What this particular teacher offered was the opportunity to connect, share and be challenged at a compassionately fuelled and formidable physical level. Members are invited to think about the general welfare of the modern world’s bizarre behaviours. Erin enigmatically reintroduced me to the premise that yoga is so much more than the opportunity to stretch out like a siamese cat. It is, rather, a therapeutic sport that makes space to transform the physical matter of mind and body  (I am talking neural pathways and memory storage) into a form of ethereal energy. She discusses:

Poverty /Wealth




The moon/The sun

The Yin/The Yang


We had a thoughtful conversation after the first lesson, the initiation if you like (she works you hard enough for it to feel that way!) and she shed even more light on her schools of thought – they are genuine and very heartfelt. A farsighted form of laidback savviness regarding human welfare and general betterment, is enacted by personal acts of charity within society. She is one of many incredible teachers there, and the more I attend the harder it is to favouritise…