New Year’s indications

 I have spent many years pondering New Year’s resolutions, whilst looking back at last year’s disillusions. On 1st January 2017, whilst lying on a mat in a semi-conscious, shavasana state, new feelings surfaced.

I lay calm, content and totally at ease with things just the way they are. I took that as an indication that rather than making drastic changes, this year is about going on as before, yet, maybe taking a step back to take stock and appreciate all that is. Rather than chasing people, places or things and making demands to change this and that, the year started off by simply being. Sometimes we simply need to find the time to notice that we have all that we need, and that the people who choose to be in our space are there for a reason. A resolution is a firm decision, and life often doesn’t make space for firms. It requires flexibility, understanding and we all need time to reflect on areas of confusion or difficulty, as well as time to celebrate success. If I can make one change at all, it is to attempt to change less, to chase less and rather welcome those people and opportunities that choose to come into my life by their own accord.

A beautiful community of people came into being last year, along with a new work focus and an ardent desire to pursue a hobby with oodles of vigour and might. This New Year is about saying thank you for those things and people. I’ve never felt happier and safe in the knowledge that sometimes we don’t need to change a darn thing, we just need to look at all the greatness that surrounds us and find ways to honour it.