Loving the in-between 

When we find ourselves at a crossroad between the new and the old, it’s easy to see that space as dead space. To want to vacate it or jump forward in time. The in-between is where the magic happens, it is the space where real change happens. 

A friend and yoga teacher posted a piece that reminded me it isn’t the prize or the acknowledgement of progression that seals the stamp of change. It’s something more internal. Sometimes change isn’t documented or statemented until long after it’s happened, and often it’s a feeling and it’s so new that it’s hard to distinguish. Yet we feel it, we know it’s happening.  That edge of fear, of should I be doing this or that instead, am I good enough, can I cut it? That needs to be there as a reality check and it’s a natural reaction to the new space we’re creating – to the future we are trying to envisage. But it isn’t even about that, it’s about the journey there. 

Below are Frankie Gourino’s beautifully honest words.

Overcoming fear is riding the limbo of the old and the new, allowing and (god forbid) enjoying the in-between where you can be anyone you choose to be and not take everything so seriously.

In-between is freedom.

See how far you can go in the in-between as this is where the real victory lies.

To be OK not being OK.

Don’t allow old ways to creep back in, they will but witness and soften them with acceptance as they may never leave and that’s OK too.

Our flaws give us edge, we need them.

There is no deadline.

It’s all just small steps to slowly release old patterns and create new ones.

You are whole as you are, don’t get in the way of yourself, we all do.

The in-between is where you meet yourself exactly as you are and see if you can love yourself anyway.

Sometimes this needs to be radical self-love.

Love yourself without the lover, love yourself without the ideal body, love yourself without the job or the plan.

Don’t ever think you aren’t beautiful in the skin you are in as it’s all you’ve got; body image stuff softens with age. Beauty’s always been there we just see it without the bias. Without the critical lense.

Don’t cling to a plan too tightly as it will never go exactly as you want it to and you block yourself from better things flowing in.

Overcoming fear is feeling safe in the unsafe. Safety is a perception, an illusion of the mind.

Don’t slip back to default mode.

Seek but seek softly without grasping or attaching.

Don’t numb yourself with substance or your iPhone or filling your diary up to the brim.

Being busy can be good in moderation but don’t use business as an excuse not to feel.

Resist the temptation to manipulate or rush the outcome.

Releasing fear is all about relishing, settling and loving the in between.